Is It Summer Yet?

We're not quite there yet but we promise summer is just around the corner! Now, you may feel one of two things with summer closing in; One: not ready or Two: could not be more ready. Some people dread summer, they feel their bikini body isn't quite ready yet, but we say that is bull! Who cares if your summer body is ready?! In all honesty we believe any body is a summer body.

At Far Out we want to encourage you to feel your best always. We know you look damn good in that bikini and we want you to know that too. If you ever question whether or not you can rock a Far Out suit the answer is always YESSS! Far Out is all about encouraging you to have fun and be confident in and out of the water. You should feel free not trapped this summer. Get out and feel the sun on your face, the salt water all over your body, feel the good that is summer. And, don't you dare worry about that beautiful body of yours!

We wanted to write this message to all of you who may be sitting there looking at social media and questioning whether or not you are ready for summer to be here. We hope this is your sign that you are ready. So now, take a deep breath, go put on your favorite swimsuit, and tell yourself you look hot! 

We love you! 

-Far Out